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We find the most interesting American Native Culture. Here are the best deals we found for the SPLIT HORN ERMINE BONNET for sale on the Internet.

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SPLIT HORN ERMINE BONNET Picture(s) and Description:

 81502506185942480 SPLIT HORN ERMINE BONNET

Historically accurate replica of a Northern Plains style split horn ermine bonnet of the Indian Wars era (c. 1870s) made by Bill & Kathy Brewer of Greenville, IL. Split, bevelled and polished buffalo horns painted red on the reverse, decorated with red dyed horse hair, ermine fringe, wrapped seed beadwork over buckskin, silk ribbon and two hawk bells on each tip are attached to red wool trade cloth covered brain tanned buckskin cap with buffalo rawhide re-enforcements, both at base of the horns and inside the cap. A quilled thong attached to each horn tip is anchored to crown of cap along with a cluster of silk ribbon. At base of each horn are streamers of dyed silk ribbon. The cap is covered with ermine fringes, including whole small skins with tails attached. Browband is beaded with old time color seed beads on yellow pigmented buckskin that is notched along the top. Above browband a wavy row of beadwork is beaded directly on the tradecloth up to the start of the ermine fringe. On either side of beaded row is a flat brass button on a circle of blue wool tradecloth. At each side of browband are a whole ermine skin decorated with a beaded "firecracker," two hawk bells and ermine fringe, five red horsehair scalplocks, and a cluster of silk ribbon pendants. The 13 inch trailer of red wool trade cloth with white selvedge edge hangs 16 inches from the base of the cap. Twenty ermine tubes and five more whole ermine skins with buckskin thong wrapped red wool tradecloth "firecrackers" are attached in a row along back of cap over trailer, while a second row of six hand painted spade feathers to represent golden eagle feathers and a third row of ten painted turkey feathers representing mostly mature golden eagle feathers, decorated at tips with ermine spots and red dyed horsehair, hang below. Two more similarly decorated hand painted "immature eagle" feathers are attached at the crown. All feathers are wrapped at quill end with red painted sinew. Bonnet is given an overall "aged" appearance.

 81502506185942481 SPLIT HORN ERMINE BONNET
 81502506185942482 SPLIT HORN ERMINE BONNET
 81502506185942483 SPLIT HORN ERMINE BONNET

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